Cree Lake

Coordinates: 57°30′N 106°30′W / 57.500°N 106.500°W / 57.500; -106.500
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Cree Lake
Satellite image of Cree Lake[1]
Cree Lake is located in Saskatchewan
Cree Lake
Cree Lake
Location of Cree Lake in Saskatchewan
Coordinates57°30′N 106°30′W / 57.500°N 106.500°W / 57.500; -106.500
Lake typeglacial lake
Primary outflowsCree River
Catchment area4,468 km2 (1,725 sq mi)
Basin countriesCanada
Surface area1,152 km2 (445 sq mi)
Average depth14.9 m (49 ft)
Max. depth60 m (200 ft)
Water volume17.6 km3 (4.2 cu mi)
Shore length1786 km (488 mi)
Surface elevation487 m (1,598 ft)
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.

Cree Lake is a lake in Saskatchewan, Canada. The lake is the fourth largest in the province and is located west of Reindeer Lake and south of Lake Athabasca.[3] There is no highway access, but the lake is reachable by float plane.

Cree Lake (Crystal Lodge) Airport (bush strip) and Cree Lake (Crystal Lodge) Water Aerodrome serve Crystal Lodge, a fly-in fishing lodge.

Cree Lake settlements[edit]

A Dene settlement with an airport was located on the south-west shore of the lake (at coordinates 57°21′15.19″N 107°7′41.52″W / 57.3542194°N 107.1282000°W / 57.3542194; -107.1282000). It may have been the location of a Hudson's Bay Company trading post from 1891 to 1902.[4] In 1971 there were 36 residents (22 were First Nations).[5] Another settlement was located at the north-east end of the lake near the Cree River outflow. In the 1960s it had an airport, a small log church and numerous houses (near co-ordinates 57°42′39″N 106°15′49″W / 57.71083°N 106.26361°W / 57.71083; -106.26361).[6][7] A fish plant on Turner Island was built in 1957 by Waite Fisheries and is located at co-ordinates 57°23′57″N 106°40′10″W / 57.39917°N 106.66944°W / 57.39917; -106.66944.

Other locations on Cree Lake with populations in the 1970s were the Cree Lake Weather Station in the south-west at the entrance to Cable Bay and airfield (with 10 people) operated by the Canadian Government, the Cree Lake D.N.S. Radio Station (Department of Northern Saskatchewan) on Turner Island (with 10 people) and a camp at the north-end (with 15 people).[5]

Although officially named Cree Lake in 1938[8] the lake lies in the traditional territory of the Dene and the English River Dene Nation based in Patuanak has reserves at three sites on the lake. One site on the south west side of the lake is 1,607.40 hectares (3,972.0 acres) another on Cable Bay is 538.30 hectares (1,330.2 acres) and another on Barkwell Bay at the northern end of Cree Lake is 2,344 hectares (5,790 acres).[9]

Fish species[edit]

Fish species include walleye, yellow perch, northern pike, lake trout, lake whitefish, cisco, burbot, Arctic grayling, white sucker and longnose sucker.[10]


The lake has several named and unnamed islands. Some of the named islands include:

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