Cregg River

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Cregg River (Abhainn na Creige)
Bridge at Cregg Mill.jpg
Country Ireland
District County Galway
 - left Waterdale
Landmark Cregg Mill
 - location Aughclogeen, Corrandulla, County Galway, Ireland
 - elevation 20 m (66 ft)
 - coordinates 53°23′35″N 8°57′47″W / 53.39306°N 8.96306°W / 53.39306; -8.96306
 - location Barranny, Lough Corrib, County Galway, Ireland
 - elevation 8 m (26 ft)
 - coordinates 53°21′7″N 9°3′30″W / 53.35194°N 9.05833°W / 53.35194; -9.05833Coordinates: 53°21′7″N 9°3′30″W / 53.35194°N 9.05833°W / 53.35194; -9.05833
Length 11 km (7 mi)

The Cregg River (Irish: Abhainn na Creige)[1] is a river in County Galway, Ireland. The river rises from a spring a half mile to the north of Cregg Mill, and flows for about seven miles into Lough Corrib. The upper stretch of the river is a nursery for fish stocking of Lough Corrib, while salmon and brown trout fishing is permitted on the lower stretches.[2]

The Cregg River once powered three watermills, of which the converted Cregg Mill is the remaining example. The three mills stood together around the Cregg Mill bridge. The bridge there consists of seventeen arches, but only one arch is currently used. The nineteenth century Ordnance Survey Ireland maps show that the river was much wider at that point.[3] However, due to artificial changes to the water level of Lough Corrib and the canalisation of the river, the river is now much narrower.


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