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Cremlingen transmitter

The Cremlingen transmitter is a large mediumwave transmission facility established in 1962 for transmitting the program of Deutschlandfunk on 756 kHz near Cremlingen-Abbenrode. The first transmitter was installed in 1962. It transmitted the program of Deutschlandfunk on 756 kHz and used as its aerial a 137-metre-high guyed steel framework mast. In 1964/65 a second transmitter for the propagation of Deutschlandfunk on 548 kHz was installed. It used as its aerial a 240-metre-high guyed steel tube mast, which was insulated against the ground in combination with an insulated guyed steel framework mast for a radiation pattern with a minimum towards the southeast.

According to the Geneva plan, only one transmitter on 756 kHz with a maximum power of 800 kilowatts and a maximum power of 200 kilowatts with a radiation minimum towards the southeast was allowed. Therefore the height of the steel tube mast was reduced from 240 metres to 188 metres to optimize it for 756 kHz. Also the height of the steel framework mast, which was used until 1978 for a directional aerial for 548 kHz was shortened. Its height has since been 199.99 metres. The height of the 137-metre mast was not changed, because its height is optimized for 756 kHz and was used after 1978 as backup aerial.

Until the middle of the 1990s the transmission power was 800 kilowatts in the daytime and 200 kilowatts at nighttime. Since the middle of the 1990s transmission power has been 200 kilowatts at nighttime as well as in the daytime.

From 2001 to 2003 the program of the pop music radio MEGARADIO was transmitted on 630 kHz using the 137-metre-high radio mast as its aerial. This was made possible after this frequency, which had been used from 1978 until the mid-1990s for transmissions of SFB and NDR on 630 kHz from the Dannenberg transmitter in the daytime, had been recoordinated for 24-hour transmission from the Cremlingen transmitter.

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