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Alternative names Ffroes
Type Pancake
Place of origin Wales
Main ingredients Flour, salt, eggs, milk, butter
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A crempog is a Welsh pancake made with self-raising flour, salt, eggs, milk and salted butter. They are also known as ffroes and normally served piled into a stack and spread with butter. It is traditionally served at birthday celebrations in Wales.

It is similar to the Breton word krampouezh (which means the same thing), and the English word crumpet may be derived from crempog.[1]

In poetry[edit]

A Welsh verse[2] sung by children refers to crempog:

Modryb Elin Enog
Os gwelwch chi'n dda ga i grempog?
Cew chithau de a siwgr brown
A phwdin lond eich ffedog
Modryb Elin Enog
Mae 'ngheg i'n grimp am grempog
Mae Mam rhy dlawd i brynu blawd
A Sian yn rhy ddiog i nol y triog
A 'nhad yn rhy wael i weithio
Os gwelwch chi'n dda ga i grempog

In English:

Auntie Elin Enog
Please may I have a pancake?
You can have tea and brown sugar
And your apron full of pudding
Auntie Elin Enog
My mouth is parched for pancakes
My mum is too poor to buy flour
And Sian is too lazy to get the treacle
And my father's too sick to work
Please may I have a pancake?

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