Creole Love Call

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"Creole Love Call" is a jazz standard, most associated with the Duke Ellington band[1] and Adelaide Hall.[2][3] It entered the Billboard USA song charts in 1928 at No. 19.[4]

Ellington first recorded it in 1927 and was issued a copyright for it as composer the following year. However the main melody appears earlier in the Joe "King" Oliver composition "Camp Meeting Blues", which Oliver recorded with his Creole Jazz Band in 1923. Apparently Ellington saxophonist Rudy Jackson had presented the melody to Ellington claiming it was his own composition. After Ellington's recording came out, Joe Oliver attempted to sue for payment of royalties and composer credit. The lawsuit failed due to problems with Oliver's original paperwork, resulting in Oliver not holding a valid copyright. Ellington fired Jackson over the incident, bringing in Barney Bigard as his replacement.[citation needed]

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