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Creole mustard is a condiment found most commonly in the Southeastern region of the United States, specifically Louisiana. A staple in New Orleans-style cuisine, which is a blend of Spanish, French, African and German influences. [1].Creole mustard uses Dijon style mustard as a base, with Worcestershire sauce and hot sauce added for spice and kick. It owes its grainy appearance to the use of whole mustard seeds instead of ground mustard seeds.[2]

Creole mustard is a versatile condiment featured on po' boy sandwiches and used in sauces, dressings and dips for everything from vegetables to salads to pretzels and chips. It can be used to create a marinade for meats, and can be incorporated into seafood dishes, such as crab cakes, battered seafood or served as a glaze or dipping sauce, as well. It is also the key ingredient found in New Orleans-style or Creole-style remoulade sauce.


  1. ^ Creole Mustard Dressing is made with stone-ground mustard seeds
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