Crepuscule with the Dead Science

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Crepuscule with The Dead Science
EP by The Dead Science
Released September 2006
Label Slender Means Society

Jherek Bischoff

Ryan Hadlock
The Dead Science chronology
Frost Giant
(2005)Frost Giant2005
Crepuscule with The Dead Science

Crepuscule with The Dead Science is the third EP from The Dead Science, released in 2006 on Slender Means Society. Two tracks, "Child/Actress" and a cover of John Dowland's "All Ye Whom Love of Fortune", were recorded during the Frost Giant sessions. Thanks in the liner notes is given to "Mr. Zazzary 'Veins' Pendleton", apparently code for Zac Pennington, Slender Means Society's founder.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Child/Actress"
  2. "Displacer Beast"
  3. "ps The Past"
  4. "White Stain"
  5. "All Ye Whom Love of Fortune"

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