Crescent Dawn

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Crescent Dawn
Crescent Dawn cover (Cussler).jpg
First hardcover edition
Author Clive Cussler & Dirk Cussler
Country United States
Language English (American English)
Series Dirk Pitt adventure novels
Genre Thriller novel
Publisher Putnam
Publication date
November 16, 2010
Media type Print (hardcover)[1]
Pages 560 pp (hardcover edition)
ISBN 0-399-15714-X (hardcover)
Preceded by Arctic Drift (2008)[2]
Followed by Poseidon's Arrow[3]

Crescent Dawn is a Dirk Pitt novel, the twenty-first of that series. The hardcover edition was released November 16, 2010. Other editions were released on earlier dates.[2]


As are most Dirk Pitt novels, this one is based on events that happened in the past. The story starts with an attack on a Roman galley in 327 AD and then occurs an episode in 1916 in which a British warship mysteriously explodes and sinks in the North Sea. The story shifts to the present, when important mosques in Egypt and Turkey are damaged by planted explosives. While doing underwater explorations off Turkey and on the Israeli coasts, Dirk Pitt and Dirk Pitt, Jr., face villainous characters who cause them both to become involved in uncovering a plot to resurrect the Ottoman Empire. Summer Pitt, the elder Pitt's daughter, stumbles upon a manifest in England that dates to the time of Jesus and sheds new light on early Christianity. The Pitts and NUMA, for whom they work, become involved in action-packed episodes throughout the book. Clive Cussler makes two cameo appearances in this book, as he has a habit of doing in many of his novels.


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