Crescent Falls

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Crescent Falls
Crescent Falls 2007-06.jpg
Crescent Falls
Location Clearwater County, Alberta
Type Tiered
Total height 27 m (89 ft)
Number of drops 1
Longest drop 27 m (89 ft)

Crescent Falls are a series of two waterfalls located on the Bighorn River in west-central Alberta, Canada. They were originally called the Bighorn Falls, after the river it is located on.[1]

The falls are located a few kilometres upstream of the river's confluence with the North Saskatchewan River. A 4.5 kilometer (3 mi) long trail leads north from David Thompson Highway (between Abraham Lake and Nordegg) to the falls. The Crescent Falls Provincial Recreation Area is established immediately up-river from the falls.[2]

The waterfall is two-tiered and has a height of 25 metres (82 ft).[3] Visitors are allowed at the waterfalls year-round.[4] Nearby to the waterfalls is a campsite run by Westward Bound Campgrounds. It is un-serviced.[5]


To the north-west of Crescent Falls is a campground run by Westward Bound Campgrounds. It currently has 31 available sites to camp on, and is open from May 1st to October 14th. It has access to water, however potential contamination from pathogens due to ground water the owners recommend to bring your own drinking water.[5][6]


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Coordinates: 52°23′14″N 116°21′15″W / 52.38722°N 116.35417°W / 52.38722; -116.35417 (Crescent Falls)