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Crescent Cymbals
IndustryMusical Instruments
Founded2012; 7 years ago (2012)
Key people
Michael Vosbein, Stanton Moore, Jeff Hamilton, Bill Norman


Crescent Cymbals designs and manufactures cymbals in Kennesaw, Georgia


The Crescent Cymbals brand was launched in 2012 by Cymbal Masters,[2] a company founded by drummers Michael Vosbein, Stanton Moore, Jeff Hamilton, and Bill Norman.

They are headquartered in Georgia and their cymbals were originally produced in Istanbul, Turkey.

On January 15, 2014, Crescent announced an alliance with Canadian cymbal manufacturer Sabian, with a stated goal of expanding the number of series they offer by producing cymbals on two continents to meet expected demand.[3] Since that time, all production has been moved to Sabian. In January 2015, the company Cymbal Masters and the brand Crescent Cymbals were sold to Sabian, who assumed all ongoing operations of the Crescent brand. All Crescent endorsors were welcomed into the Sabian family of artists.

Since then, Sabian has re-released several Crescent models including the Vanguard, Elements, and the signature series from both Jeff Hamilton and Stanton Moore.

Cymbal Lines[edit]

Classic Series[edit]

Fully lathed, the traditional Series is very complex due to the varying thickness from bell to edge. They have a clean ping and a generous amount of overtones which vary according to weight.

Vanguard Series[edit]

The Vanguard Series cymbals are very thin, designed in the style of Turkish cymbals from the 1940s through 1960's. They are so thin that the edge has a distinct wobble when played.

Eon Series[edit]

The Eon Series combine the complex characteristics of the Primal and Classic series, with an unlathed bell and strip on the top and a fully lathed bottom. The amount of wash and stick definition lies between the Primal and Classic series, resulting in a cymbal with clarity, darkness, and controlled overtones.

Primal Series[edit]

The unlathed Primal Series is dark, dry, and earthy, with enhanced stick definition.

Vintage Series[edit]

The Vintage Series cymbals feature the same unlathed surface as the Primal series, but have smaller bell and bigger bow, so they are a bit warmer with a darker wash.

Stanton Moore Series[edit]

Created by drummer Stanton Moore, it is a complete set of cymbals for use with a drum kit. The series includes 14" and 15" Fat Hats, 16" and 18" Smash Crash, 20" Trash Crash, 20" and 22" Wide Ride, and the 20" Pang Thang.

Hammer Series[edit]

Created by drummer Jeff Hamilton, the cymbals are geared towards jazz drummers who want warmth and definition which blend with the band. The series is composed of 14" hi-hats, 20" and 22" rides, and a 22" china cymbal. They are notable for the smaller bell, bowed profile, and paper thin edges.

Haptic Series[edit]

Created by Master Percussionist Jamey Haddad and designed primarily for use by hand percussionists. The China and Resonator Crash are produced in 16" and 18" sizes.

Elements Series[edit]

The Elements series represent the first release following the partnership with Sabian. Hand crafted to Crescent specs, this series offers the versatility of more power without sacrificing the nuanced articulation of hand hammered cymbals. Raw un-lathed hammered bells yield clear tonal projection favored for contemporary musical settings.


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