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Cress may refer to:


Plants cultivated for their edible leaves:

Other plants not usually cultivated or consumed:

  • Arabis alpina, alpine rock-cress, a flowering plant in the family Brassicaceae, native to mountainous areas of Europe, North Africa, Central and Eastern Asia and parts of North America
  • Cardamine bulbosa, bittercress, bulbous cress, spring cress, a perennial plant native to Eastern North America, found in moist soils of bottomland woods and wet meadows
  • Leavenworthia stylosa, cedar gladecress, a species of flowering plant in the mustard family, found only in the Central Basin of Tennessee, where it grows in cedar glades, ditches, and low-lying fields
  • Cardamine hirsuta, hoary bittercress, hairy bittercress, lamb's cress, a member of the mustard family, an annual or biennial plant native to Europe and Asia, but also present in North America
  • Lepidium, peppercress, a genus of plants in the mustard family, Brassicaceae, widely distributed in the Americas, Africa, Asia, Europe, and Australia
    • Lepidium meyenii, maca, an herbaceous biennial plant of the crucifer family, native to the high Andes of Peru around Lake Junin, grown for its fleshy hypocotyl, used as a root vegetable and a medicinal herb
    • Lepidium latifolium, pepperweed, peppergrass, dittander, tall whitetop, native to Mediterranean countries and Asia as far east as the Himalayas
    • Lepidium draba, whitetop or hoary cress, native to western Asia and southeastern Europe
  • Rockcress (disambiguation), several genera of Brassicaceae
    • Arabis, with primarily Old World species, a genus of flowering plants, within the family Brassicaceae
    • Arabidopsis, with primarily European species
    • Boechera, with primarily North American species
  • Arabidopsis thaliana, thale cress
  • Coronopus, wartcress, swinecress
  • Barbarea, winter cress
  • Rorippa, yellowcress



Given name[edit]

  • Cress Williams (born 1968), African American film and television actor