Crest Capital

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Industry Diversified financial services
Founded 1989
Headquarters Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Key people
Mark French (President)
Services Equipment financing
Equipment leasing
Software financing

Crest Capital is an equipment financing and leasing company, based in Atlanta, Georgia.[1] Its president as of 2011 was Mark French.[2]


Crest Capital was founded in 1989, and it is based in Atlanta, Georgia.[1]

Business and services[edit]

Crest Capital provides financing to businesses for purchase or lease of new or used equipment.[3] It provides equipment, vehicle, furniture, and software lease and loan agreements to small and medium-sized businesses.[1] Crest Capital also offers leasing and financing for agricultural, automotive diagnostic, food service, forestry, health, industrial, manufacturing, medical, office, packaging, printing, retail, software, technology and other general types of equipment.[1][4]

Crest Capital assists businesses to benefit from Section 179 depreciation deductions to write off acquisitions of equipment and software.[5] As of 2011, businesses were able to claim up to $500,000. Businesses exceeding this limit are also able to benefit from further reductions for equipment acquired that is valued above $2 million. This deduction also applies to the acquisition of software, computers and other equipment used in the business.[6] Though these benefits were lowered to fifty percent in 2012, businesses wishing to acquire new equipment still enjoy some amount of tax incentive.[7]

The innovation of payment and tax calculators by Crest Capital has impacted the equipment financing industry.[8] Crest Capital's payment and tax calculators are deployed through strategic partners and others involved in the distribution and funding of business fixed assets and related tax ramifications. Manufacturers and distributors of equipment, vehicles and software have deployed the payment tax calculators on commercial websites. Other organizations utilize the calculators to promote economic development via small business capital spending.[6][7]

Through Crest Capital Equipment Finance, Crest Capital partners with equipment dealers to make purchase and lease financing opportunities available to their customers.[9]


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