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Industry Boat Manufacturer
Founded 1957 in Owosso, Michigan
Headquarters Owosso, Michigan, United States
Key people
CEO: Joe Curran, COO Pat May
Products Pontoon (boat), Commercial Pontoons
Owner Crest Marine LLC
Number of employees

Crest Marine LLC is a boat manufacturer in Owosso, Michigan which makes Crest Pontoons. The pontoon boats were originally built by Maurell Products whose owner Maurice Shell ran the company for almost 50 years.[1] In 2010 the company was purchased by a small group of Detroit, Michigan based businessmen and renamed the business Crest Marine. The company has produced tens of thousands of pontoon boats over the more than 60 years of boat building.


Currently Crest Marine sells 5 different levels of pontoon boats as well as custom commercial pontoon boats. The five retail pontoon boats, starting with lowest price first, are the Wave, Crest II, Classic, Caribbean, and Savannah.[2] All of these boats were redesigned over the 2010 to 2011 initial beginning years of Crest Marine. The Crest pontoon boats claim to fame is in their innovation, design and quality craftsmanship. Over the years the pontoons have sold in almost all 50 states with some selling in Europe, Canada, and Australia.


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