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Crestview Amtrak Depot01.jpg
Location 101 North Main Street
Crestview, FL
Coordinates 30°45′28″N 86°34′09″W / 30.757735°N 86.56922°W / 30.757735; -86.56922Coordinates: 30°45′28″N 86°34′09″W / 30.757735°N 86.56922°W / 30.757735; -86.56922
Parking free short-term
Other information
Station code CSV
Opened 1993
Closed 2005
Passengers (2007) 0 Steady 0%
Preceding station   BSicon LOGO Amtrak2.svg Amtrak   Following station
toward Los Angeles
Sunset Limited
service suspended
toward Orlando

Crestview station is a former train station in Crestview, Florida. Despite the quaint and non-modern appearance similar to the Bill Lee Station in Chipley, the station was built in 1993 when the Sunset Limited was extended to Orlando, Florida. Service to the station has been suspended since Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast in 2005.

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