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King Minos is related to several women named Crete. One was his queen, another was his granddaughter.

In Greek mythology, the name Crete (Κρήτη) may refer to several figures, all of whom are associated with the homonymous island of Crete, and may have been considered its eponyms:

  • Crete, daughter of Asterion (Asterius), who married Minos, in one version.[1]
  • Crete, possible mother of Pasiphaë by Helios.[2]
  • Crete, daughter of Deucalion (son of Minos), sister of Idomeneus and half-sister of Molus.[3]
  • Crete, daughter of one of the Cretan Curetes, who married Ammon. She was actually said to have given her name to the island Crete, which was believed to have previously been called Idaea.[4]
  • Crete, one of the Hesperides and another possible eponym of Crete.[5]

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