Cretto di Burri

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Coordinates: 37°47′17″N 12°58′17″E / 37.788081°N 12.971284°E / 37.788081; 12.971284

Il Grande Cretto
Ruderi di Gibellina.jpg
ArtistAlberto Burri
TypeCement sculpture
Dimensions150 cm × 35000 cm × 28000 cm (59 in × 14,000 in × 11,000 in)
LocationGibellina, Sicily

The Cretto di Burri (crack of Burri) or Cretto di Gibellina (crack of Gibellina), also known as "The Great Cretto", is a landscape artwork undertaken by Alberto Burri in 1984 and left unfinished in 1989 (due to lack of funds),[1][2] based on the old city of Gibellina. The original city of Gibellina was completely destroyed in the 1968 Belice earthquake.[3] Gibellina has since been rebuilt, about 20 km from the city's original location. In 2015, to mark what would have been Burri's one hundredth birthday, the work was finally completed.[4]

The work is the subject of a short documentary by the Dutch filmmaker Petra Noordkamp which was commissioned by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum to be screened at the Alberto Burri retrospective held at the institution from October 9, 2015 until January 6, 2016.[5]