Creusa (Naiad)

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In Greek mythology, Creusa (/krˈsə/; Ancient Greek: Κρέουσα Kreousa "princess" ) was a Naiad and daughter of Gaia. She bore Hypseus, future king of the Lapiths and Stilbe to the river god Peneus.[1][2] Through Hypseus she was grandmother of Cyrene, one of the best known lovers of Apollo while her daughter Stilbe gave birth to twin sons to Apollo. These sons were Lapithes and Centaurus progenitors of the Lapiths and the Centaurs.


Pindar's Account[edit] the renowned glens of Mt. Pindus a Naiad bore him [Hypseus], Creusa the daughter of Gaia, delighting in the bed of the river-god Peneius.

Diodorus Siculus' Account[edit]

He [Peneus] lay with the nymph named Creüsa and begat as children Hypseus and Stilbê, and with the latter Apollo lay and begat Lapithes and Centaurus.


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