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In Greek mythology, Criasus (Greek: Κρίασος Kriasos) was a king of Argos. He was the son of Argus and Evadne (daughter of Strymon) or the Oceanid Peitho. He had five brothers who were named Ecbasus, Jasus, Peiranthus or Peiras, Epidaurus and Tiryns.[1][2][3] Criasus is said to have reigned for fifty four years. During his reign Callithyia, daughter of Peiranthus, became the first priestess of Hera. According to Eusebius, Criasus reigned at the same time as Saphrus reigned as the fourteenth king of Assyria, and Orthopolis as the twelfth king of Sicyon. Eusebius also tells us that Moses was born in Egypt during his reign.[4] Criasus had a son named Phorbas, who succeeded him on the throne of Argos. His other children were Ereuthalion and Cleoboea.[3]


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