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Crib may refer to:

  • Infant bed, called a crib in American English
  • Bach (New Zealand), a type of modest beach house, called a crib in the southern half of the South Island
  • Box crib, a wooden frame used to stabilise a heavy object during a rescue, jacking, construction, or moving operation
  • Cheat sheet or crib sheet, a concise set of notes for quick reference
  • Crib (cryptanalysis), a sample of known plaintext in codebreaking
  • Crib barn, a popular type of barn found throughout the U.S. south and southeast regions
  • Crib pier, a type of pier built with supporting columns constructed like log cabins
  • Corn crib, a granary for drying and storing corn
  • Cribbage, a card game
  • Cribbing (horse), a bad habit of some horses
  • Manger, a trough or box to hold food for animals
  • Nativity scene, a depiction of the birth of Jesus as described in the gospels of Matthew and Luke
  • Timber crib dam, a dam built with heavy timbers in the manner of a log house
  • Water crib, an offshore structure that supplies water to an onshore pumping station

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