Crichaireacht cinedach nduchasa Muintiri Murchada

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Crichaireacht cinedach nduchasa Muintiri Murchada is a tract concerning the medieval territory called Muintir Murchada, located in County Galway, Ireland.


It lists forty place-names and more than seventy tribal, sept or family names and surnames, many still identifiable in the county.

It exists in three recensions preserved in the following three manuscripts:

Family surnames[edit]

Surnammes listed include:

  • Ó hAllmhuráin (Halloran)
  • Ó Ceanndubháin (Canavan)
  • Ó Dathlaoich (Daly)
  • Ó Laoí (Lee)
  • Ó Flaithbhertaigh (Flaherty)
  • Mac Giolla Cheallaigh (Kilkelly)
  • Ó Faghartaigh (Faherty)
  • Ó Muirghile (Ó Muraíle)

The text[edit]

"204.6: The native family-stocks of Muintir Mhurchadha and their territory here. Ó hAllmhuráin was chieftain of the twenty-four townlands of Clann Fhearghaile, and in truth they belong to the family of Aonghus s. Brian; from Fearghal s. Muireadhach s. Eochaidh s. Eórrán s. Aonghaus s. Brian) is Clann Fhearghaile, i.e., the twenty-four townlands of Clann Fhearghaile, and Uí Fhearghusa of Ros Cam."

"204.7: Mág an Ghamhain (or Meic an Ghamhna) and Mág Catharnaigh are the two chieftains of Meadhraighe and have their own septs under them. (end pp.448-449)"

"240.8: Ó Dathlaoich was the chieftain of Uí Bhruin Ratha (or Ó Duilligh was the chieftain of the fourteen townlands of Uí Bhruin Ratha) and they belonged to the family of Cairbre Airdcheann s. Brian, and [they held] fourteen townlands of all Ui Bhruin Ratha, and belonging to them were Uí Cheinneidigh and Uí Dhuinn and Uí Fhionnog of Cnoc Tuagha and Uí Laideanain (or Laidhghin) of Leacach and Uí Challannain of Ceall Chathghaile (or [Ceall] Chatail] and Uí Cheannabhain, the physicians of Muintir Mhurchadha and Uí Oilealla, and they belong to Tuath na dToibrineadh. (Another book says 'Ui Fhlaithbheartaigh where this says 'Muintir Mhurchadha.')"

"204.9: Ó Laidhigh were princes of Ui Bhriuin Seola together with their septs: Uí Fheichin, Uí Bhalbhain, Uí Dhuibh, Uí Mhadadhain, Meic Giolla Ghannain from Magh Lis Lionn ((a)) a different version: the cavalry chiefs of Ó Flaithbheartaigh) and Uí Cholgan ((b)) from Baile Uí Cholgan: the standard-bearers of Ó Flaithbheartaigh), Meic Fhionnain from Cill Chuanna and Uí Mhaoil Fhabhaill (or Maoil Ampuill) of Domhnach Padraig ((c)) the judges of Ó Flaithbheartaigh) and Uí Chleirchein of Rath Bhuidhbh and Uí Mheallaigh from Ceall na Manach and Ceall na gCaolan."

"204.10: Uí Choraighein were chieftains of Boghaid and Uí Chathasaigh from An Bheitheach and Uí Aingle from Doire Uí Aingle."

"204.11: Ó Faghartaigh king of Dealbhna of Cuil Fhabhair and Muintir Fhathaigh and Fiodh Luaraigh, Ó Domhnaill from An Ardraith (i.e., from Ath, etc., see ahead of you: from Ath Meic Cinn to Loch Oirbsean) and Uí Aodha: they were of equeal rank - carousal chiefs to Ó Flaithbheartaigh."

"204.12: The seed of Aodh of Eanach Duin belonged to the family of Ceallach s. Raghallach s. Uada, i.e., Clann Cheallaigh also. Aodh s. Eochaidh Tiormcharna s. Fearghus first granted Eanach Duin to God and to Breanainn."


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