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Francis Crick Medal and Lecture
Francis Crick crop.jpg
Francis Crick 1916-2004
Awarded forPrize lecture given on a subject in genetics, molecular biology and neurobiology
Sponsored by
Date2003 (2003)
Reward(s)Bronze Medal and gift of £2,000

The Francis Crick Medal and Lecture[1][2] is a prize lecture of the Royal Society established in 2003 with an endowment from Sydney Brenner, the late Francis Crick's close friend and former colleague. It is delivered annually in biology, particularly the areas which Francis Crick[3] worked (genetics, molecular biology and neurobiology), and also to theoretical work. The medal is also intended for young scientists, i.e. under 40, or at career stage corresponding to being under 40 should their career have been interrupted.

List of lectures[edit]

Laureates include: [4]

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