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OriginLondon, England
Years active2011–present
MembersRou Rot (Isaac)[2]
Sadie Pinn[1]

Crim3s, formerly known as Story of Isaac, is an English electronic duo from London.[1][2] The group consists of Rou Rot and Sadie Pinn, who met while living in a warehouse in North London.[1][2] After being evicted on short notice, they were left homeless for a period of a year:[2] "Our first ep [sic] was made when we were homeless, each track in a different environment. We’ve written tracks in garages, railway arches, office blocks, garden sheds and a law students uni room."[3] They made a name for themselves as organisers and DJs of illegal squat raves in London [2] and were described by 'Electronic Beats' as "pure punk in the truest sense, possessed of a strong DIY spirit and a no-fucks-given attitude."[4] Rou has cited their lifestyle as an inspiration for their name: "Being chased by police and opening buildings to squat is a funny way to live. The harsh reality of life – not just for us, but the people we see around us every day – is what our music is about, and the reason why we're called CRIM3S."[2]

They debuted with a self-titled EP on Black Bus Records in December 2011.[5] In 2013, they self-released their second EP, Stay Ugly.[2][4][6] They were part of the 2017's Sound of Stockholm lineup.[7]


Extended plays[edit]

  • Crim3s (2011)
  • Stay Ugly (2013)


As Story of Isaac (both re-labeled as Crim3s)

  • "New Flesh" (2010)
  • "Holes" (2011)

As Crim3s

  • "Still Goin" (2013)
  • "Militia" (2016)


  • "Dancing in Slow Motion" [by Teenage Fantasy] (2010)
  • "∞" [by PARTY TRASH, with Drugs for Drunks] (2011)
  • "Intimate" [by Crystal Castles] (2012)
  • "Desire" [by Dilly Dally] (2016)[8]


  • "Meet Me Half Dead" [directed by zephyrman] (2011)
  • "Drawn" [directed by Crim3s] (2011)
  • "Lost" [directed by Oohh Mmyy Godd] (2013)


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