Crime Wave (book)

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Crime Wave.JPG
First edition cover
Author James Ellroy
Cover artist Cover design by Chip Kidd
Country United States
Language English
Subject True crime
Genre Short stories, crime fiction
Publisher Vintage Crime / Black Lizard
Publication date
January 26, 1999
Media type Print (paperback) and audio CD
Pages 288 pp (first edition, trade paperback)
ISBN ISBN 0-375-70471-X (first edition, trade paperback)
OCLC 39860009
813/.54 21
LC Class PS3555.L6274 A6 1999

Crime Wave is a 1999 collection of eleven short works of fiction and non-fiction, all originally published in GQ, by American crime fiction writer James Ellroy. The collection, issued as a paperback original, includes a short story ("Hush-Hush"), two novellas ("Tijuana, Mon Amour" and "Hollywood Shakedown"), and eight pieces of crime reports, including "Sex, Glitz, and Greed: The Seduction of O. J. Simpson". More of Ellroy's GQ pieces can be found in the collection Destination: Morgue!.


  • Introduction by Art Cooper, Editor-in-Chief, GQ
  • Part One: Unsolved
    • "Body Dumps"
    • "My Mother's Killer"
    • "Glamour Jungle"
  • Part Two: Getchell
    • "Hush-Hush"
    • "Tijuana, Mon Amour"
  • Part Three: Contino
    • "Out of the Past"
    • "Hollywood Shakedown"
  • Part Four: L.A.
    • "Sex, Glitz, and Greed: The Seduction of O. J. Simpson"
    • "The Tooth of Crime"
    • "Bad Boys in Tinseltown"
    • "Let's Twist Again"