Crime in Missouri

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Crime rates (2011)
Crime type Rate*
Homicide: 6.1
Forcible rape: 24.3
Robbery: 104.3
Aggravated assault: 312.7
Total Violent crime: 447.4
Burglary: 745.7
Larceny-theft: 2308.3
Total Property crime: 3308.8
* Number of reported crimes per 100,000 population.
Rates are calculated using population figures and crime statistics cited by the FBI. For 2011, the population of Missouri was reported as 6,010,688.
Source: FBI 2011 UCR data

This article refers to crime in the state of Missouri.


In 2008 there were 246,494 crimes reported in Missouri, including 455 murders.[1]

Capital punishment laws[edit]

Capital punishment is applied in this state.[2]