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Crime is present in various forms in Yemen.

Crimes against foreigners in Yemen[edit]

There are many instances of crimes against foreigners in Yemen. This includes petty crime and violent crime, both of which usually happen in locations with many people.[1] One serious instance of violent crime against foreigners in Yemen would be the 2008 attack on the American Embassy in Yemen, in Sana'a, Yemen on September 17, 2008, which ultimately resulted in the loss of nineteen lives[2] and 16 injuries.[3] Fake merchandise can be easily found in Yemen.[1]

Crimes against women in Yemen[edit]


Prostitution is a significant and growing issue in Yemen. While it is officially illegal, many sex tourists from other gulf states indulge in what are known as "tourist marriages".[4] Prostitutes can also be found in select nightclubs.[5] The punishment for prostitution in the country is 3 years of imprisonment.[4][6][7] As many people in Yemen are stricken with poverty, children are often sold off by their parents as prostitutes. Despite the high rate of prostitution in the country, the government has instead chosen to assign its efforts on part of the War on Terror, and this issue is largely ignored.[8]

Corruption and police misconduct[edit]

Official seal of the United States Department of State

According to the United States Department of State, "[l]ocal police forces are largely unaccountable",[1] and there are known cases of corruption in the Yemeni police force. Law enforcement in the country is said to be lousy, and both the police and the government in Yemen are deemed to be unworthy of trust.[1] Very often do law enforcers in the country abuse their authority to allow others to evade tax or get away with minor or major offences, provided some paper certificates are exchanged for the favour.[9][10] Corruption in the country burns a big hole in the government's pocket.[9]

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