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Directed by George Sluizer
Produced by George Sluizer
David Pupkewitz
Phil Alberstat
Barry Barnholtz
Marc Vlessing
Written by Brendan Somers
Starring Stephen Baldwin
Pete Postlethwaite
Sadie Frost
Geraldine Chaplin
Karen Black
Rory Campbell-Wheeler
Music by David A. Stewart
Cinematography Jules van den Steenhoven
Edited by Fabienne Fawley
Release date
United States:
August, 1996
United Kingdom:
29 November 1996
Running time
118 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Budget ₤4.3 million[1]

Crimetime is a 1996 British thriller film starring Stephen Baldwin, Pete Postlethwaite, Sadie Frost and directed by George Sluizer.


Crimetime is set in the future where the media is nearly omnipotent. When an unemployed actor named Bobby (Stephen Baldwin) is hired to play a serial killer on a crime reenactment television series he desires to understand the killer's motivations and begins researching the crimes getting police officers to describe the grisly details of recent murders. Bobby becomes an expert and a star, which delights the real culprit and inspires him to go on to even more lurid, headline-grabbing crimes.


Crimetime was released to negative critical reaction mainly noting the confusion of the plot.[2] Shlomo Schwartzberg of Boxoffice magazine stated "Crime Time makes little sense at its best of times. At its worst, it's unwatchable."[3] Channel 4 in their review noted that in spite of " a decent cast and the odd stylistic flourish this psychodrama is dragged down by histrionic plotting, clunky talk and general sense of confusion over what it wants to be."[4]


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