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Criollo (also criollos, criolla or criollas) may refer to:

In people:

  • Criollo people, a caste in the Spanish race-based colonial caste system

In animals:

  • Criollo horse, a South American horse breed
  • Cuban Criollo, a horse breed from Cuba
  • Mexican criollo, or criollo mexicano, a Mexican horse breed
  • Criollo cattle, a group of cattle breeds descended from Spanish stock imported to the Americas
  • Criollo sheep, a breed of domestic sheep originating in the highlands of South and Central America
  • Criollo duck, a species of duck native to Central and South America.

In food:

In music:

  • Criolla, a genre of Cuban music and song
  • Criollo (band), a Bahire band
  • Criolo (born 1975), Brazilian singer and rapper
  • Agustin Criollo, a multi instrumentalist artist born in San Juan de Puerto Rico in 1969
  • Los Troveros Criollos, one of the most relevant groups in the history of Peruvian's musica criolla
  • Música criolla, a category of Peruvian music combining mainly African, Spanish and Andean influences


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