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Crispin School
Crispin School.JPG
Established 1963
Type Secondary Academy
Headteacher Paul Reddick
Location Church Road
BA16 0AD
DfE URN 136913 Tables
Ofsted Reports Pre-academy reports
Students 1,030 pupils (as of September 2017)[1]
Ages 11–16
Houses Corvus,Falco,tyto, sturnus

Crispin School is an academy providing secondary education for students aged 11-16 from Street and across Mid-Somerset, England. Crispin draws students from a wide range of local primary schools. The school is located to the eastern end of Street and shares a campus with Strode College.

Crispin’s motto is "Aspiration, Compassion, Excellence". The school prides itself on learning, in all its senses, being at the centre of everything the school does. Crispin promotes traditional values of respect, good manners, and hard work, but harnesses these within an education preparing students for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

There are an extensive range of enrichment opportunities at Crispin. Students at the school take part in a wide range of activities. There are an excellent range of musical opportunities which take place on a daily basis and performances are of a high standard. School shows are a strength and are performed at Strode Theatre. In 2016 students performed Tales of the Arabian Nights and in 2017 Oliver was the main show. Art and Photography has been recognised as being an area of excellence at the school and considerable amounts of student work is on display. Students have been very successful in a wide range of sports including handball, netball, rugby and football. A number of residential trips take place including ones to Iceland, France, Italy, New York, Swaziland, and Kenya. Crispin has a link with a school in Kenya and the ‘Masana Block’ is named in recognition of this link.

Crispin’s most recent Ofsted inspection took place in October 2017. The school was rated ‘Inadiquate’ after an inspection. The school was seen as continuing to improve and had ‘a deep-seated moral commitment to serving the needs of all the young people in the area’.


The uniform at Crispin consists of a black blazer with gold piping along the seams. The students wear a white shirt and either black trousers or a skirt. Each student has a tie with their House colours on. The colours of the four houses are Red, Blue, Green, and Purple for Corvus, Falco, Sturnus, and Tyto respectively. Prefects can be distinguished by their golden tie. Students are expected to wear black polishable leather shoes. Hair colour or make-up which is not deemed natural is not acceptable. really why

''''Bold text'Crispin School received widespread criticism in November 2017 for a Facebook post which suggested pupils' academic achievement was correlated with the quality of their footwear. The school has since apologised.[2]

Many students at Crispin will have pins and badges to demonstrate their leadership skills or aptitude towards a specific subject or skill.


Crispin School has an active alumni programme with over 600 alumni registered with Future First. We have workshops for each year group where our alumni come back to talk to students about careers and raising aspirations. We have also had work experience visits with our alumni. Below is a list of some of our most widely-known alumni.


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