Crissi Cochrane

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Crissi Cochrane
Origin Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Genres Pop music, Soul music, Folk music
Years active 2006–present
Labels Independent

Crissi Cochrane is a Canadian pop singer-songwriter based in Windsor, Ontario.


Cochrane was born and raised in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia. She released her first recordings as a high school student, under the name "Save September".[1] After graduation, Cochrane relocated to Halifax where she was based for three years before eventually moving to Windsor, Ontario in 2010.[2][3]

While residing in Halifax, Cochrane studied Music Business at the Nova Scotia Community College in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia[4] and began performing under her own name in 2009. In addition to her solo work, she held a role in indie rock band Gamma Gamma Rays from 2008 to 2010,[5] and contributed guest vocals on Rich Aucoin's EP We're All Dying To Live (Sonic Records, 2011). At the EP's release show in Halifax, Cochrane joined Rich for a duet of the song "Undead Pt. 1: Estrangement".[6] Just weeks before moving to Ontario by train in August 2010, she released Darling, Darling, a full-length album recorded at SOMA Electronic Music Studios in Chicago, Illinois.[3][7][8][9] The record features guest performer Mike Kinsella (of Owen, American Football) on percussion and additional guitar. In the same month, Gamma Gamma Rays released the LP Beeps, recorded at the Echo Chamber in Halifax. The group disbanded after Cochrane's departure.

In late 2011, she released the EP Pretty Alright. The EP reached the #5 on the national folk chart for campus and community radio[10] and #153 of the Top 200 in Canada for the month of December 2011.[11]

After three years of living in the Windsor/Detroit region, she released her second full-length studio album, Little Sway (January 2014). The album carries the influence of jazz, soul, bossa nova, Motown, and R&B.[12] The album reached #30 on the National Top 50 in February 2014 on campus and community radio.[13] Cochrane placed in the Top 10 nationwide in the 2014 CBC Searchlight Contest (The Hunt for Canada's Best New Artist), being one of five artists selected by public vote. She represented the Windsor region in the contest with "And Still We Move", the first single from Little Sway.[14] Her song "A Damn Shame" from Little Sway was placed in ABC's Nashville, Season 3, Episode 21 in 2015.[15] In 2016, her song "Pretty Words" went viral on Spotify, receiving 11 million plays.


Year Title Artist Format Label Role
2006 The Bathroom EP Save September EP Tumbleweed Entertainment Composer, guitar, vocals
2010 Darling, Darling Crissi Cochrane CD Independent Composer, guitar, vocals, flute
2010 Beeps Gamma Gamma Rays CD/LP Hot Money Records Mandolin, vocals, flute
2011 We're All Dying to Live Rich Aucoin CD Sonic Records Vocals on “Dying to Live”
2011 Pretty Alright Crissi Cochrane EP Independent Composer, guitar, vocals
2014 Little Sway Crissi Cochrane CD Independent Composer, guitar, vocals, ukulele, flute
2015 "Sweet & Fine" Crissi Cochrane Single Independent Composer, guitar, vocals
2016 i87 ZEO Mixtape Independent Vocals on “Back N Forth”
2016 Santa Baby Crissi Cochrane EP Independent Vocals, guitar, engineering, production
2017 Phonomontage Sarkastodon EP Independent Vocals on “Aalis”
2017 Little Love Benji Beach Single Independent Vocals on “Little Love”


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