Cristóbal Téllez de Almanza

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Cristóbal Téllez de Almanza
12th Governor-General of the Philippines
In office
June 24, 1606 – June 15, 1608
Monarch Felipe III of Spain
Preceded by Pedro Bravo de Acuña
Succeeded by Rodrigo de Vivero y Aberrucia
Personal details
Religion Roman Catholicism

Cristóbal Téllez de Almanza was an auditor licentiate taking over military affairs before becoming the 12th governor of the Philippines under Spanish colonial rule.[1] The series of Japanese insurrections began just last year, 1606, when a son of a Japanese was killed by a Spaniard. The Japanese then plotted a revolt. The second Japanese insurrection occurred in 1607.[2]


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Preceded by
Pedro Bravo de Acuña
Spanish Governor - Captain General of the Philippines
Succeeded by
Rodrigo de Vivero y Velasco