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Cristina Rota (La Plata, 1945) is an Argentine actress, producer and drama teacher.

With actor Diego Botto she had actors Juan Diego and María Botto, her daughter Nur Al Levi is also an actress.

Many famous Spanish actors studied interpretation in her school: Malena and Ernesto Alterio, Guillermo Toledo, Alberto San Juan, Nathalie Poza, Andrés Lima, Luis Bermejo, Penélope Cruz, Fernando Tejero, Roberto Álamo, …


  • Colores, 2003
  • Party Line, 1994
  • En penumbra, 1987
  • Virtudes Bastián, 1986
  • La reina del mate, 1985

As a producer[edit]

  • Los abajo firmantes, 2003

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