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Cristina Warthen, née Cristina Schultz, is a 2001 graduate of Stanford Law School and a fitness model who has been pictured in Iron Man, Muscular Development, Maxim (magazine), and Playboy Magazine (Feb 2006 pg 45) and Playboy Book of Lingerie. Schultz was in the news in 2009 as the alleged "law school escort," the woman who allegedly claimed to repay hundreds of thousands of dollars of law school loans through a career as a professional escort. Her story appeared on the front page of the Los Angeles Daily Journal on October 26, 2004.

In 2004, the government filed a civil forfeiture complaint against money found in her safe-deposit boxes and apartment in January 2004, alleging that she was a professional escort with the alias "Brazil".[1]

In May 2004, Schultz married Internet entrepreneur David Warthen; Warthen intervened in the civil forfeiture case and filed a claim that the money was his gift to Schultz.[1]

As of late 2004, Schultz has a clothing business in Moraga, California.

On August 15, 2006, United States District Court Judge Susan Illston dismissed the civil forfeiture action upon a settlement between the United States and Warthen. The terms of the settlement were not disclosed on the court's electronic docket.

In October 2008, federal prosecutors charged Schultz with tax evasion, in relation to money she allegedly earned from escort services. On January 26, 2009, Warthen pleaded guilty to evading $25,424 in back taxes. Under the plea agreement, she agreed to three years probation including one year of home confinement and agreed to pay the U.S. Treasury $313,133.44, the amount she claimed on her escort service website that she had paid on her student loans from her earnings. On September 28, 2009, she was sentenced to one year of home detention and ordered to wear an electronic monitoring device. As part of the plea deal she was ordered to pay the government $243,000 instead of the $313,000 in the original arrangement.[2]

As of September 2009, she is divorced from David Warthen and resides in Los Angeles.[3][4]


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