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Cristy C. Road
Raza Encendida
Born Cristina Carrera
Miami, Florida , United States
Occupation Artist, Author, Musician
Genre comics, punk, memoir, zine, illustration

Cristina Carrera, otherwise known as Cristy C. Road (born May 26, 1982) is a Cuban-American illustrator, graphic novelist, and punk rock musician whose posters, music, and autobiographical works explore themes of feminism, queer culture, and social justice. She primarily works as an illustrator and graphic novelist, but is also known for publishing a long-running zine about punk music and her life as a queer Latina. She has performed on the Sister Spit roadshow in 2007, 2009, and 2013 and is the lead vocalist and guitarist for her band, The Homewreckers.[1]

Biography and Influences[edit]

Road told Visual Resistance magazine that she began making zines at about age 14, saying, "I think integrating political ideas into my drawings was just a natural progression, cause I've thought of art as my primary craft since puberty. Whatever affects my life is usually what's represented in my art."[2] From 1997 through roughly 2004, she published the zine Greenzine, which started as a fanzine about the band Green Day and eventually focused more on Road's identity, politics, and ideas.[3] Road graduated from the Ringling School of Art and Design in 2004 and draws in a punk style, primarily using pens, stencils, and acrylic paint. She told about her artistic influences, "All my favorite art growing up was bold graphic art, like Coop and John Kricfalusi of Ren and Stimpy. So, I was really motivated to create something that was a hybrid of that and epic painting like Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, Kathe Kollowitz and really classic illustration."[4] Road discussed the impact of her queer and Cuban-American identity on her art and politics with website Autostraddle in 2013, saying, "It was difficult to find other gay people who felt completely discomfited and had no interest in assimilating towards mainstream/straight culture. And although punk was heavily straight— it also paraded around “outcast” culture; and my discovery of punk included the discovery of a hugely queer punk scene in San Francisco/Oakland, CA. So basically, this inability to be out and this desire to exist somewhere outside of what I knew additionally sparked my interest in raising political and social awareness around gender and sexuality."[5] She has published three books and one collection of post cards, as well as numerous concert posters, protest flyers, book covers, and logos. Spit & Passion Excerpts


Since 2008, Road has played guitar and sung in queercore pop punk Brooklyn band The Homewreckers.[6]

Critical acclaim[edit]

Bitch magazine listed Road as a "Bitchlist" pick in 2005, writing that she created socially conscious art with "love, color, and punk rock grit."[7] Bluestockings Books articulated Road's style and impact in their 2006 review of Indestructable, "Cristy’s rad illustrations and incisive writing give voice to this true story about gender identity, cultural roots, mortality, and punk rock."[8] Curve said of Indestructable: "So powerful is Road's candid portrayal of growing pains, it provides the perfect comfort for angsty, self-loathing youth and sends older readers back down memory lane through their own adventures and mishaps of young adulthood."[8] Road's memoir "Bad Habits" was nominated for a LAMBDA Literary Award.[9] One of her posters was featured in the Justseeds collection Celebrate People's History: The Poster Book of Resistance and Revolution.[10] In 2012, website Flavorwire named Road one of 50 "up and coming New York culture makers to watch in 2013," describing her as "a fixture in feminist, LGBT, and punk zinester circles."[11]

Published work[edit]

  • We Don't Need Another Wave: Dispatches from the Next Generation of Feminists (2006)
  • Baby Remember My Name (2006)
  • Live Through This (2008)
  • Reproduce and Revolt (2008)
  • Best Erotic Comics 2009 (2009)
  • SIDE B: A Music Lover's Anthology (2009)

Bibliography adapted from Cristy C.Road's website[12]


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