Critchley Light car

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Critchley light car
Manufacturer Daimler Motor Company
Also called
Production 1899-c.1900
Assembly Coventry, UK
Designer J. S. Critchley[4]
Body and chassis
Class light car
Layout FR
Engine 1,100 cc (67.1 cu in) straight-twin engine[5]
Transmission 4-speed manual
Kerb weight 6 34 long cwt (756 lb; 343 kg)[6]

The Critchley Light car was briefly manufactured by Daimler Company of Coventry in 1899 to find use for about 50 unwanted 4 h.p. engines shipped to Coventry by the German Daimler works at Stuttgart.[4][6] The car was well regarded and sold well but was not intended to extend Daimler's range of high-powered expensive motorcars. As such, it was named Critchley after James S. Critchley Daimler's works manager[7]

The car was equipped with advanced features, including pneumatic tyres and wheel steering. The engine was mounted transversely, with the flywheel rotating in the direction of travel.[6] The water-cooled engine drove the rear wheels through a belt transmission.[7] The belt was tensioned by moving the engine forward or backward in the frame. The steering wheel was on a vertical column on the right side of the car, such that it could only be operated by the driver's right hand.[3]

In 1900, a redesign of the Critchley Light Car was built and sold as the "Kimberley".[8]


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