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Coordinates: 25°54′48″N 80°09′50″W / 25.913245°N 80.163905°W / 25.913245; -80.163905

Criteria Studios (The Hit Factory Criteria Miami) at 1755 NE 149th St. Miami, Florida 33181 in 2011

Criteria Studios is a music-recording studio in Miami, Florida, started in 1958 by Mack Emerman (né Maxwell Louis Emerman; 1923–2013).[1]


In 1999, The Hit Factory purchased Criteria Studios, revamping and reopening the studios under the new name The Hit Factory Criteria Miami. 250 Gold or Platinum Singles or Albums were recorded at Criteria, including "Layla", "I Feel Good" and Eat a Peach, as well as parts of Hotel California and Rumours.[2]

Selected artists[edit]

Artists who have recorded singles and/or albums at the studio include:

(in plain alphabetical order as if all are an entity, i.e., Eric Clapton under the letter "E")

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