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Crithote or Krithote (Ancient Greek: Κριθωτή or Κριθώτη) was an ancient Greek[1] city located in Thrace, located in the region of the Thracian Chersonesos. It was on the Hellespont north of Gallipolis, and was an Athenian colony founded by Miltiades.[2][3] It is cited in the Periplus of Pseudo-Scylax among the cities of the Thracian Chersonesos: Aegospotami, Cressa, Crithote, and Pactya.[4]

At the time of Strabo it was in ruins. The geographer places it between the cities of Callipolis and Pactya.[5] Pliny the Elder, for his part, says it was adjacent to the Propontis, where were also the cities of Tiristasis and Cissa.[6]

Isocrates highlights the excellent situation, from the strategic point of view, of the city, as a point of control of the Hellespont. Wherefore, the year 365 BCE, it was conquered, along with Sestos, by the Athenians under the command of Timotheus.[7]

Bronze coins minted by Crithote are preserved, dated between 350 BCE and 281 BCE, with the inscriptions ΚΡΙ, ΚΡΙΘΟ o ΚΡΙΘΟΥΣΙΩΝ.[1]

Its site is located 2 miles (3 km) east of Gelibolu, in European Turkey.[8][9]

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Coordinates: 40°24′24″N 26°39′06″E / 40.406725°N 26.651664°E / 40.406725; 26.651664