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Critical Ops
Critical Ops Logo.jpeg
Developer(s)Critical Force Ltd.
Publisher(s)Critical Force Ltd.
May 2016
September 2015
Genre(s)First-person shooter

Critical Ops (abbreviated to C-OPS) is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Critical Force. It was released to Open Alpha in September 2015 for Google Play and had been in beta until the full version (1.0) was released in November 2018.[1] Critical Ops is currently available on Google Play, Apple Appstore, and Amazon Appstore.[2] It used to be available on PC through Facebook Gameroom, but got shut down on July 10, 2017.[3]

Critical Ops is an objective-based, and a multiplayer first-person shooter, and it is influenced by Counter-Strike. The first official Critical Ops tournament was played in 2016. As of September 2018, the game had been downloaded over 34 million times.[4]

NHN Entertainment Corporation and Critical Force have published a completely different version of the game named Critical Ops Reloaded in South Korea and in several other parts of Asia.[5]


Two opposing teams, The Coalition and The Breach, compete in game modes to complete objectives. There are five game modes: Defuse, Team Deathmatch, Gun Game, Ranked Defuse & Practice Mode(Team Deatmatch Only). The game can be played in two different ways - Quick Games, where players can select the game mode but are put on a random map on a random team. There can be maximum 5 people in a team in Quick Games. There is a warmup period before the match starts during which the minimum number of players required join. All the modes excluding the Practice Mode are part of the Quick Games. The room exits once the match is finished. Missions, Milestones and XP for Player Level & Critical Pass level are applicable for Quick Games only. The more the player kills and completes missions in Quick Games, the more they earn XP for Critical Pass level and Player Level, and also reaches Milestones. Custom Games, where players may choose rooms with desired maps, game modes, number of players(max 16), match/round time, number of rounds to win & various other settings, or host their own room with the above-mentioned settings, publicly or privately (password protected). Ranked Defuse is not available under Custom Games. Additionally players may spectate instead of playing, in custom games. Custom rooms don't exit unless all the players leave, instead a match starts once the previous one is over. Custom Games KDR is based on both Custom Games and Quick Games except for Ranked Defuse & Practice Mode.

Defuse: A scenario where The Breach try to plant the C4 on either of the two bomb sites(one in some maps). On a successful blast, the breach wins. Coalition are assigned to defuse the C4, and on a successful defuse, the Coalition wins. The game can also end when all the players from one of the two teams are eliminated or when The Breach fails to plant the bomb before the time runs out and member(s) of Coalition are still alive resulting in coalition winning the round. The first round starts with a P250 pistol and the knife provided by default. And a little currency is available for buying other pistols and grenades. Next round onwards, the In-match currency is provided based on personal and team performance in each round of the current game, with weapons needing to be bought with the currency. The player may carry a pistol, a knife, a submachine gun/assault rifle/shotgun/sniper rifle, and grenades(frag, smoke, flashbang) at a time. Players may also drop and pickup weapons and the C4. The knife cannot be dropped or picked up. Any weapon bought or picked up gets carried forward to the next round if the player is alive by the end of the current round. And if the player dies, then the weapons are gone, in which case they end up just with knife and P250 pistol in the next round and have to buy other weapons again. In quick games, there can be a total of 6-11 rounds in a match, a team needs to win 6 rounds for victory. Team rotation occurs once 5 rounds are completed.

Team Deathmatch: Coalition & The Breach, each are assigned to contribute to their total kill count and raise it higher than the kill count of the other until time runs out. It's a 8 minute match in case of Quick Games. The players respawn every time they die. All weapons except for grenades can be used in this mode freely...a knife, a pistol and a submachine gun/assault rifle/shotgun/sniper rifle at a time. The guns can be changed every time the player respawns. Players may drop or pick up guns. Picked up guns are gone whenever the player dies.

Gun Game: Players are put into Coalition and the Breach, where they start off with the MP5, and work their way up 15 levels, each of them having a different weapon. Players earn a level and a new weapon for each enemy player they kill, and when they reach level 15 they must get a kill with their knife to win. After getting killed via a knife, the victim is demoted to the previous level & weapon. When one player completes all the levels, their team wins and the game ends. Knife is available in every level and works as a substitute to the gun of that level. No weapon can be dropped or picked up in this mode.

Ranked Defuse: With most rules being similar to Defuse, players can compete against similar skilled players in teams and work towards their personal rank, starting from Unranked, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, Special Ops and eventually Elite Ops. Elite Ops is a rank only available for the top 250 players worldwide. Depending upon personal & team performance in each game, the players get winning or losing streaks which eventually promote them to the next higher rank or demote them to the previous lower rank. A team needs to win 9 rounds for victory. Ranked Defuse has a separate KDR of its own. Both Current Ranked Season KDR & All Ranked Season KDR are available. The Rank is reset after every season. Each Ranked Season runs for 120 days. Ranked Defuse can be played only after the player has 250 kills and if the account is connected with Facebook or the platform gaming app.

Practice Mode: This is a Team Deathmatch with and against bots. The player can choose the skill level of the bots, the number of enemy and ally bots, the match length limit & the map as well. This mode doesn't affect the KDR.

Other Modes:

Tutorial Match:

This takes place after completing the basic tutorial. The player is put on the Brewery map with the M4, P250 and knife with preset number of ally and enemy bots.

Sharpshooter (Summer '89 Event):

This is a Sniper only Team Deathmatch, available only for a limited period of time and playable only on the Park map. It's a 5 minutes match available under quick games only. Knife is also available in this mode.

Close Quarters:

This is a smg only variation of Gungame available only for a limited period of time, available only under Quick Games. Players need to kill twice with each smg to move on to the next smg and after getting kills with all the 5 smgs, the player must get a kill with the knife to win. The first player to do so wins along with their team. Knife is available in every level and on getting killed by the knife, the victim is demoted to the previous level. Likewise, for the player, one kill with the knife acts as a substitute to two kills with the gun of that level.

Port Defuse:

This is a limited time Port only Defuse mode available under Quick Games.

Manhunt (Halloween 2019 Event):

This is a limited time Infection mode playable on the Purify map only, the match starts with the warmup period where multiple people are put on Coalition and when the match is started, one of them is randomly put on the Breach. The Breach player gets 400 hp ans needs to hit the players from Coalition with a pipewrench, on a successful hit, the Coalition player turns into a Breach player, and the new player can similarly hunt down others from the Coalition and turn them into Breach. The match length is 4 mins, and if within the time limit, the Breach can turn all Coalition players into Breach, they win. Otherwise the Coalition wins. The Coalition players spawn with a pistol, and they can buy other weapons from Buy Zones in the map. In match currency for The Coalition is provided a little by default and more can be obtained by killing the Breach.

The game consists of 13 maps for gameplay. Eight of them which are Bureau, Canals, Legacy, Plaza, Grounded, Raid, Park and Port are Defuse, Team Deathmatch & Gun Game maps. While four of them which are Brewery, Division, Heat & Gallery are Team Deathmatch & Gun Game only maps. Practice Mode is playable on all the maps. Sharpshooter can be played on Park only. Other modes on Park are available only for custom games. Manhunt is playable on Purify only.

Other Maps: The tutorial takes place in an unknown map. There used be an older version of the Brewery map which was remodeled heavily to the current Brewery map.

The game consists of the following weapons.

  • Pistols: P250, GSR 1911, MR 96, XD.45, and Dual MTX.
  • Submachine Guns: MP5, MP7, P90, Vector and MPX.
  • Assault Rifles: SA58, M4, AK-47, HK417, Aug, and SG 551.
  • Shotguns: FP6, Super 90 and M1887.
  • Sniper Rifles: U-Ratio, M14, TRG 22 & SVD.
  • Melee: Knife, Tac-Tool, Karambit, Kukri, Remix, Tactical Axe and Pipewrench. (Every single melee weapon does the same amount of damage and has the same range) Pipewrench is available for a limited time only.
  • Grenades: Frag grenade, Practice Grenade (Used in Tutorial Only) , Flashbang, and Smoke grenade.
  • Armour: Kevlar & Helmet.

Currency & Rewards[edit]

The main currency, yellow credits, can be earned by means of critical pass rewards, reaching milestones, completing offers, watching ads, paying money. With those credits the players may change their username, create a clan, increase member slots in clans, change clan name & tag, buy the elite critical pass, buy cases containing random gun skins, melee weapon skins, custom animations(Inspect & Reload), gloves, and buy emblems. On receiving cases with duplicate skins, they get converted to certain amounts of blue credits which may be used to purchase gun skins/melee skins of choice. Particular gun skins, melee skins, gloves and custom animations can also be bought with yellow credits during flash sales. Default Gloves for Coalition and The Breach are provided. Lucky spin costs yellow credits and provide Pipewrench, Halloween gun skins/emblems/cases. There are three types of cases-Standard cases containing low tier skins, Premium cases containing high tier skins & Event Special Cases. Standard cases cost 200 yellow credits while Premium costs 700 yellow Credits. Event exclusive cases cost 500/1000 yellow credits and contain event exclusive skins, such as Winter Fest Skins, Halloween Skins, etc. depending upon the event, which are available for a limited period of time. Event credits (pink) are earned in certain amount if duplicate event skins are received during events, and only particular event special skins can be bought with red credits. Pink credits get converted to blue credits when the event is over, if unused. Regular Tier 2/3 or above skins might also come outta Event Exclusive Cases. Other cases include Sharpshooter Cases which contain sniper skins, it costs 120 yellow credits and is available for a limited period; Close Quarter Cases which contain smg skins and exclusive custom animations, it costs 300 yellow credits and is available for a limited period only. Cases can be obtained by using Yellow Credits, reaching milestones and via Critical Pass rewards. One free case is given after completing the tutorial. New Emblems are available every season which can be earned via critical pass rewards, and via yellow credits if not unlocked before the season ends. Two Default Emblems are provided for free. XP can be gained by killing, completing missions, watching ads and via Critical Pass rewards. XP increases the Player Level, and the Critical Pass level which earns the player rewards, the rewards include gun skins, emblems, cosmetic knives/knife skin, yellow credits, xp and standard, premium, tier based and event cases. The Free Pass grants a minimal amount of rewards, and the Elite Pass grants much more & better rewards, and also increases one daily mission slot. Elite Pass costs 900/1400 yellow credits. There are several critical pass levels. Each level contains an elite pass reward, and some levels also contain a free pass reward. Rewards are earned once the player has enough xp to complete a level. The xp demand increases as the levels increase. 400 yellow credits can be used to unlock the reward(s) of the latest level even if the player doesn't have enough xp to complete the level. Critical Pass is season based and the level is reset after every season and new rewards become available to be unlocked. The username can be set once for free after connecting the new account with Facebook or platform gaming app. Changing it again costs 500 yellow credits. By default the username is 'Ops-' followed by the Account ID. Creating a clan requires 1000 yellow credits, and changing the clan name & tag cost 500 yellow credits. Extra member slots can be added with yellow credits and the demand for credits increase with the increase in number of slots. Any clan member may add member slots.

Social Interactions[edit]

Players can add other players in friend list and/or invite them to their clan by searching their usernames; they may also add other in-game players and/or invite them to their clan while playing the game. Friend Requests can be disabled. People in friend lists can directly join the custom game room their friends are playing in by going to their profile, or one can create a party and invite their friends/clan members to join a quick game together. Chat facility is available within the UI and also in-game, in-game chats can be sent either to everyone or to team only, in game chats can be disabled. Spectators are also able to send in game chats. The user interface also has chat facility for chatting while not playing. UI chatting can be personal, clan chat, party chat. Profanity filtering for chats is available, players can be reported in-game for hacking, being abusive, being idle & griefing. Several Game related info are also available in the social section. The Help Section provides preset answers to game related queries and grievances. Customer Support may be contacted for further assistance. Critical Ops' most famous players are Joker Gaming, Rooghz, Twist, Cheeseman and Xdjonne69.


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