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Industry Mobile application development
Founded 2010
Founder Andrew Levy, Robert Kwok and Jeeyun Kim
Headquarters San Francisco, California, USA
Services Mobile performance application monitoring and crash reporting for multiple platforms.
Website www.apteligent.com

Apteligent (previously known as Crittercism Inc.), based in San Francisco, California, is a mobile application intelligence solution providing both tools and app performance insights for mobile developers and product managers [1] and mobile ecosystem performance data.[2] The Apteligent platform provides a real-time global view of app diagnostics and crashes across iOS, Android, Hybrid, and Unity apps and is used in more than 8 billion monthly app launches by 23 million apps including Pokémon Go - the most popular app ever released.[3] The company’s investors include Opus Capital, Shasta Ventures, and Scale.[4]

Mobile Ecosystem Data Reports[edit]

In 2016, Apteligent launched a dedicated website highlighting the performance and market position of multiple components of the global mobile ecosystem including the first global device directory of Android and iOS devices by geography,[5] as well as monthly reports focused on various aspects of iOS and Android version adoption, performance, and stability. In addition, in April 2016, Apteligent partnered with STL Partners, a London-based telecommunications industry analyst firm, to deliver a quarterly report focused on global network carrier performance and its potential impact on user-experience.[6]


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