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Crmnica numbered 16–22 in this map of Old Montenegro.

Crmnica (Serbian Cyrillic: Црмница, pronounced [tsř̩mnitsa]) is a historical region in southern Montenegro, lying within the municipality of Bar and is unofficially considered a division of that municipality. The capital of the region is Virpazar. The region consists of the following 27 villages: Boljevići, Braćeni, Brijege, Bukovik, Donji Brčeli, Dupilo, Gluhi Do, Godinje, Gornji Brčeli, Komarno, Krnjice, Limljani, Mačuge, Mikovići, Orahovo, Ovtočići, Popratnica, Seoca, Sotonići, Tomići, Trnovo, Utrg, Virpazar and Zabes.[citation needed] The population adheres to Orthodoxy; roughly, the majority of the population declares as Montenegrins, the rest as Serbs.


It is situated in southern Montenegro, between the tribe of Paštrovići and the Skadar Lake. It is surrounded by the mountains of Sutorman and Rumija to the south. Crmnica is the most fertile region of Montenegro. It is well known for autochthonous wine, the Vranac.


The Ottoman census of 1582–83 registered the Vilayet of the Black Mountain (vilayet-i Kara Dağ), part of the Sanjak of Scutari, as having the following nahiyah, with number of villages: Grbavci with 13 villages, Župa with 11, Malonšići with 7, Pješivci with 14, Cetinje with 16, Rijeka with 31, Crmnica with 11, Paštrovići with 36 and Grbalj with 9 villages; a total of 148 villages.[1]