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Crnogorski Telekom a. d. Podgorica
Joint-stock company
Traded as MNSE: TECG
Industry Telecommunications
Founded 31 December 1998
Headquarters Podgorica, Montenegro
Key people
Rudiger Šulc (CEO)
Products Fixed telephony
Mobile telephony
Broadband, Internet services
IT/Network services
Owner Hrvatski Telekom[1] (76.53%)
Individual shareholders (11.84%)
Others (11.63%)
Number of employees

Crnogorski Telekom is the leading telecommunications operator based in Podgorica, Montenegro. It is the largest telecommunications company in Montenegro and provides a full range of fixed-line, mobile, IPTV, and internet telecommunication services.

Crnogorski Telekom is the main fixed-line service provider in Montenegro. Its exclusive rights expired in 2003. Crnogorski Telekom provides local, national, and international services, in addition to a wide range of telecommunications services involving leased-line circuits and data networks.


On 1 April 2005, Magyar Telekom obtained a 76.53% interest in Crnogorski Telekom and thus became the majority owner of the Company. Deutsche Telekom AG holds 59.21% of the Magyar Telekom shares. Deutsche Telekom and Magyar Telekom have a number of subsidiaries worldwide, with whom Crnogorski Telekom has regular transactions.

In 2006 the T-Com and T-Mobile brands were launched. In December 2007 Crnogorski Telekom started IPTV services. T-Mobile Crna Gora is the second entrant into the mobile market in Montenegro and by YE 2010 it held 37% of the mobile market (SIM card) share. A 3G network was launched in 2007.

On 1 May 2009, Crnogorski Telekom a.d., T-Mobile Crna Gora d.o.o and Internet Crna Gora d.o.o were merged into one legal entity, Crnogorski Telekom a.d. The services are marketed under the T-Com and T-Mobile brands.

For the past six years, Crnogorski Telekom's major operational goals have been to finalize digitalization of the fixed-line network and to increase the capacity and reliability of the data network, consequently creating conditions for an increase in subscribers to broadband and voice services. The digitalization rate reached 100% by the end of 2007 and ADSL coverage reached almost 96% of the PSTN customer base by the end of 2010.[citation needed]

On 10 January 2017, Hrvatski Telekom obtained all of Magyar Telekom's share.[2]


In 2007 a third mobile operator entered the Montenegrin telecommunications market, as one of the licensed operators for development and exploitation of a WiMAX-based network. In 2008 it launched fixed voice and broadband internet services.

By 2009 only 2 out of the 10 licensed VoIP operators had started operations. Agreements on interconnection/access were signed with both operators. According to these contracts outgoing call services to CT customers through carrier selection and free-phone services are offered.

Nine Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service (MMDS) and CATV licenses were awarded in 2007. The first broadband internet services were offered in Q4 2009.

The CT underground infrastructure is currently used by competitors to a limited extent.Strong competition is developing in the wholesale segment. In 2009 CT were able to increase its pay TV customer market share by 10 percentage points, to a market share of 36.9%.[citation needed] In September 2009, Crnogorski Telekom started commercially with Voice over IP services for business customers, using the IP Centrex platform.

Crnogorski Telekom entered the Montenegrin ICT market in October 2010, when CT presented its Integris solution for business customers.


T-Mobile started its commercial operations as the second mobile telecommunications service provider in Montenegro in 2000, four years after the first mobile provider started operations. In 2007 a third mobile operator entered the Montenegrin mobile market.In 2010, T-Mobile increased its SIM market share by 0.3 percentage points to 37% and remained market leader in the postpaid segment with a 44.7% market share.[citation needed]


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