Cro-Mag Rally

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Cro-Mag Rally
Developer(s) Pangea Software
Publisher(s) Pangea Software
Composer(s) Michael Dan Beckett
Mattia Bonera (new soundtrack)
Platform(s) Macintosh, iOS Windows Phone 7, Xbox 360, Android
  • NA: 1998
  • NA: July 10, 2008
  • EU: August 24, 2008
Genre(s) Racing game
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer/two player

Cro-Mag Rally is a third-person racing/arcade game made by Pangea Software, which takes place in caveman times. It is available for Mac OS Classic, Mac OS X, iOS, and Windows Phone 7.[1]

Gameplay and music composer[edit]

The game centers around two cavemen racers, Brog and Grag in vehicles made out of materials associated with cavemen, as they race through different stages of ancient history. There are many different weapons available to defend yourself and help you win the race. The Mac version utilizes the keyboard to control, and the iOS version uses the accelerometer and touchscreen to control. The new soundtracks of a new version of game are composed by Mattia Bonera.

Single-player mode[edit]

In single-player mode, one player races against five computer controlled racers through each of the nine racetracks, collecting arrowheads scattered around the track. At the beginning of the mode, only a few vehicles are available. However, as you progress through the mode, all eleven vehicles can be unlocked.

Multiplayer mode[edit]

Cro-Mag Rally has multiple different multiplayer games. On the Mac version, you can race with up to two people on the same computer with any vehicle on any track. A number of other modes are available as well, such as tag, survival, and capture the flag. This iOS version offers Tag and Capture the flag multiplayer via Game Center

Physics editor[edit]

In the Mac version of the game, there is a "Physics Editor" choice under "Options" which allows the player to alter elements of play such as speed, acceleration, suspension, and traction of each car, as well as gravity, though the Atlantis level is unaffected. This is an easy way to cheat, as one can set the other players' cars to a ridiculously high speed (i.e. 995) and they will thus be unable to make much, if any, progress while the player may set their own speed to a more reasonable number (such as 15) and complete all required laps and/or arrowhead collection.


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