Croatia–Philippines relations

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Croatia–Philippines relations
Map indicating locations of Croatia and Philippines



Croatia–Philippines relations refers to the diplomatic relations that were established between Croatia and the Philippines on February 25, 1993,[1] soon after the Philippines recognized Croatia as an independent nation in 1992.[2] The two countries have links between their shipping industries, including port management,investment,[3] and seafarers,[4]and they propose to extend this to cooperation in shipbuilding and the navies.[1][5]


In 1993 the governments signed an agreement abolishing the requirement for a visa for holders of diplomatic and official passports.[6]

In 1995, the governments reached an agreement on scientific and technological cooperation.[6]

In 2009, the governments signed an agreement on cultural cooperation.[6]

In 2009 the Croatian Ministry of Sports and the Philippine Board of Sports signed a memorandum on cooperation in the field of sports.[6]


The Permanent Representative of Philippines to Croatia is based in the Philippine embassy in Austria.[7]

The Croatian ambassador accredited to the Philippines is based in the embassy in Indonesia.[8]


In 2012, Croatia and the Philippines conducted their second political consultation in Manila.[1] This was conducted at the sub-ministerial level according to a protocol signed in 2005.[1] The meeting identified shipbuilding as a potential area of cooperation.[1]

Trade and investment[edit]

As of June 2012 trade between the two countries was valued at $4 million per annum.[1] The Philippines are investigating Croatia as a destination for fruit exports.[9]

International Container Terminal Services Inc., a Philippine port operation company operates Brajdica Container Terminal, the shipping container terminal at the Port of Rijeka, Croatia's largest port, and also owns a majority stake in Adriatic Gate Container Terminal, a Croatian port operation company.[3] The Philippine ambassador Lourdes Yparraguirre was present at the signing, and hailed the deal as "a major boost to enhancing bilateral relations between the vibrant economies".[10]


In 2012 the Defence ministers of both countries met during an official Croatian delegation visit to the Philippines.[5] They discussed potential cooperation on military technology, shipbuilding, and between their respective navies, particularly in combating piracy.[5] They anticipated and stressed the importance of signing a Memorandum of Understanding between the countries regarding logistics and the defence industry.[5] During the meeting, Croatia offered to build ships for the Philippine Coast Guard and overhaul existing ships, as well as pistols and assault rifles manufactured to NATO standards.[11]


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