Hrvatski Top Model

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Hrvatski Top Model
Hrvatski top model.jpg
Show logo
Genre Reality television
Created by Tyra Banks
Presented by Tatjana Jurić (1)
Vanja Rupena (2)
Judges Tatjana Jurić, Borut Mihalić, Boris Bašić, Damir Hoyka, Boris Cavlina
Opening theme "Get Sexy" (2)
Country of origin Croatia
No. of episodes 23
Running time 90 minutes
Original network RTL
Original release March 3, 2008 – November 28, 2010
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Hrvatski Top Model (English: Croatia's Top Model) is a Croatian reality television series based on Tyra Banks' America's Next Top Model and is aired on RTL. The show pits contestants against each other in a variety of competitions to determine who will win the title of the new Croatian "Top Model", as well as a modelling contract with an agency in hopes of a promising career start in the modeling industry.

Croatian top model Tatjana Jurić fills the host role which Tyra Banks performed in the original series. She is the head of the search as well as a mentor for the 16 girls who have been chosen to live in a house together in Zagreb. Jurić and the panel of judges, which includes Borut Mihalić, Boris Bašić, Damir Hoyka and Boris Cavlina Jurić, judge the girls each week. Usually one, but often two girls are eliminated until only three girls are left.

Croatian fashion designer Marco Grubnic had several appearances on the first cycle to introduce the girls to the fashion industry and give them constructive criticism.

After 14 weeks, Sabina Behlić was named the winner of the first cycle, beating Valentina Dropulić and Marina Jerković in the final.

The show was scheduled to return with a second cycle in autumn 2010, with Vanja Rupena replacing Jurić.[1]

Differences between ANTM and Hrvatski Top Model[edit]

In its appearance, tasks, editing and elimination process, Hrvatski Top Model is much more similar to Germany's Next Topmodel rather than ANTM. This version has a runway walk in front of the judges, each contestant faces her verdict individually without any particular order, and its contestants travel to more than one international destination in one cycle. Also, a pre-recorded final show held in a TV studio where the ranking order between the final three contestants is decided, and every finalist is involved in a final runway.


Cycle Premiere date Winner Runner-up Other contestants in order of elimination Number of contestants Destination(s)
1 8 March 2008 Sabina Behlić[2][3] Valentina Dropulić Marija Šegota (quit), Alin Horvat, Maja Majurec, Dea Frua, Neda Janus (quit), Monika Perić, Martina Bukovec, Nikolina Rešček, Julija Borovina, Kristina Šakić, Andrea Akmadžić, Marija Andrijašević, Tea Vukman, Marina Jerković 16 France
2 3 October 2010 Rafaela Franić Nikolina Jurković Ana Aračić, Monika Horvat, Deni Žižić, Kristina Petričević, Iva Pajković, Anita Vulin, Mada Peršić, Ela Arapović, Anđela Melvan, Andrea Katkić 12 Italy


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