Croatian Bishops' Conference

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Croatian Bishops' Conference
Croatian Conference of Catholic Bishops logo.png
Abbreviation HBK
Formation 15 May 1993
Legal status Civil nonprofit
Purpose To support the ministry of bishops
Headquarters Zagreb
  • Ksaverska cesta 12a, Zagreb
Region served
Active and retired Catholic bishops of Croatia
Official language
Croatian & Latin
Želimir Puljić, archbishop of Zadar
Main organ
Episcopal Commission "Iustitia et Pax" (Justice and peace)
Parent organization
Holy See
Affiliations CCEE

The Croatian Bishops' Conference (Croatian: Hrvatska biskupska konferencija; Latin: Conferentia Episcoporum Croatiae) (HBK) is an episcopal conference of the Catholic Church in Croatia. Conference was founded on May 15, 1993 after Croatia regained its independence after the breakup of Yugoslavia in the early 1990s, which consequentially led to the abolition of the Bishops' Conference of Yugoslavia. HBK is composed of all active and retired bishops; currently 24 (18 active, 4 retired, 1 military ordinary).[1]


After the breakup of Yugoslavia occurred, Croatia declared its independence on June 25, 1991. The Holy See recognized Croatia on January 13, 1992. Croatian bishops made a proposal for the establishment of the Croatian Bishops' Conference.

On May 15, 1993 the Holy See issued a decree by which it established governing body for the Croatian dioceses-Croatian Bishops' Conference.[2] Archbishop of Zagreb, Cardinal Franjo Kuharić, was elected as a first Conference President.

HBK Statute was renewed on February 5, 2000. Cardinal Josip Bozanić served as Conference president in two terms (1997-2007). At the HBK plenary session in October 2007 in the town of Gospić, Archbishop of Đakovo-Osijek Josip Srakić was elected as the President. Vice-Presidents of the Conference were Cardinal Josip Bozanić and Archbishop of Split-Makarska Marin Barišić. At the 45th session of the HBK that was held on November 14, 2012 Archbishop of Zadar Želimir Puljić was elected as the fourth Conference President.[3]

HBK and Bishops' Conference of Bosnia and Herzegovina takes care of the pastoral care of Croatian Catholics abroad. They also appoint together Episcopal Commission for the Pontifical Croatian College of St. Jerome in Rome. In addition, their common question are also liturgical books in the Croatian language. According to this, both Conferences have an annual common season.

HBK is a member of Council of the Bishops' Conferences of Europe and Commission of the Bishops' Conferences of the European Community.


Conference bodies are:

  • Episcopal Commission (for: 1. Liturgy, 2. Relations with the European Union, 3. Croatian Caritas, 4. Relations with the State, 3. a Dialogue with the Serbian Orthodox Church, 4. Pontifical Croatian College of St. Jerome)
  • Councils (for: 1. the Doctrine of Faith, 2. Catechizing, 3. Clergy, 4. Seminaries and Vocations, 5. Institutes of Consecrated Life, 6. Life and Family, 7. Laity, 8. Education, 9. Ecumenism and Dialogue, 10. Cultural and Church Cultural Assets, 11. Missions, 12. Pastoral Care of Migrants with committees for Pastoral Care of Tourists and Pastoral Care of Sailors, 13. Croatia Foreign Congregation with the National Office for the Croatian Foreign Congregation)
  • Commissions (1. Legal, 2. "Iustitia et Pax" (Justice and peace), 3. Joint Commission of the Croatian Bishops' Conference, 4. Croatian Conference of Major Superiors and Croatian Union of Major Superiors)
  • Committees (for: 1. Youth, 2. Social Communication, 3. Pastoral Care of Prisoners, 4. Pastoral Care of Roma)
  • General Secretariat
  • Offices of the General Secretariat (for: 1. Finances, 2. National Catechism, 3. Media, 4. Family, 5. Secular Societies, Movements and Communities, 6. Youth)
  • Institutes (1. Central Institution of the HBK for maintaining clergy and other officers, 2. Croatian Caritas, 3. Croatian Catholic Radio, 4. Catholic Press Agency, 5. Center for the Promotion of the Social Doctrine of the Church, 6. Croatian Institute for Liturgical Pastoral)

The President and Vice President shall be elected for the time period of three years by bishops, with term renewable twice.


Members of the Croatian Bishops' Conference are:

Portrait Name Title Notes
Nadbiskup puljić.jpg Želimir Puljić Archbishop of Zadar President of the Conference
President of the Permanent Council
President of the Council for Culture and Church Cultural Heritage
Member of the Commission for relations with the European Union
CardinalJosipBozanić.jpg Josip Bozanić Archbishop of Zagreb Vice President of the Conference
Member of the Permanent Council
President of the Commission for relations with the European Union
President of the Commission for relations with the State
Marin Barišić Archbishop of Split-Makarska Member of the Permanent Council
President of the Council for Seminaries and Vocations
President of the Commission for Dialogue with the Serbian Orthodox Church
Bogovic mile biskup.jpg Mile Bogović Bishop of Gospić-Senj
Msgr Ivan Devcic Kapucinska crkva Gospe Lurdske 06052012.jpg Ivan Devčić Archbishop of Rijeka Member of the Permanent Council
Member of the Commission for relations with the European Union
Mijo Gorski Auxiliary Bishop of Zagreb President of the Committee for Youth
Đuro Hranić Archbishop of Đakovo-Osijek
Vjekoslav Huzjak Bishop of Bjelovar-Križevci President of the Council for Clergy
Ivas ante biskup.jpg Ante Ivas Bishop of Šibenik Member of the Commission for Liturgy
Jezerinac.jpg Juraj Jezerinac Military Ordinary of Croatia
Nikola Kekić Eparch of Križevci
Vlado Košić Bishop of Sisak
Dražen Kutleša Bishop of Poreč-Pula
Biskup Josip Mrzljak..jpeg Josip Mrzljak Bishop of Varaždin
Fra Ivica Petanjak 15102010 2.jpg Ivica Petanjak Bishop of Krk
Valentin Pozaić Auxiliary Bishop of Zagreb
Ivan Šaško Auxiliary Bishop of Zagreb
Antun Škvorčević Bishop of Požega
Slobodan Štambuk Bishop of Hvar
Mate Uzinić, Orebić.2011.5150775.jpg Mate Uzinić Bishop of Dubrovnik
Antun Bogetić Bishop Emeritus of Poreč-Pula
Ivan Milovan Bishop Emeritus of Poreč-Pula
MarinSrakic.jpg Marin Srakić Archbishop Emeritus of Đakovo-Osijek
Valter Župan Bishop Emeritus of Krk



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