Croatian National Theatre in Mostar

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For other uses, see Croatian National Theatre.
Croatian National Theatre in Mostar
Croatian National Theatre Mostar.jpg
Croatian National Theatre Mostar in Mostar
Address Mostar
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Opened 1994

The Croatian National Theatre in Mostar (Croatian: Hrvatsko narodno kazalište u Mostaru — HNK Mostar) is a theatre located in Mostar, home to the largest population of Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

HNK Mostar was established on September 22, 1994 and the foundations of its building were laid on January 30, 1996. In July 2011 the building was still undergoing construction and was incomplete. Croatian and local dramas are performed on the small stage int ebasement (which is completed) and it is also the venue of the Croatian Puppet Theatre.[1] Some of its goals include the promotion of Croatian culture in the Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad, as well as hosting of international theatre troupes.[citation needed] All of its plays and performances are held on the small stage located in the building's basement. It is partially financed from the budget of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton (50%), while the other part (50%) comes from its sponsors and donors.[citation needed] It currently holds 25 employees and the theatre director (as of June 2, 2011) is Ivica Ovcar.[2]

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