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Croc O'Shirt patch

Croc O'Shirt was a line of apparel marketed by Mad Dog Productions, mocking the Lacoste shirts in the early 1980s. When Lacoste sued, the line was terminated. The lawsuit garnered publicity worldwide.[1]

Croc O'Shirt was introduced in 1980. Sold primarily through mail order, the shirts were a hit with "anti-preppies." In 1983, Lacoste filed suit against the company claiming trademark infringement. The suit was eventually settled out of court, allowing Mad Dog Productions to sell the shirts for another year.[citation needed]

Mad Dog Productions went on to release other novelty items such as the Horse Shirt (a take-off on Polo shirts which attracted a similar lawsuit from Polo Ralph Lauren, Ltd.), the Silent Vigil Foam Rubber wind chimes, and Earl the Dead Cat.[1][2]

The brand's name was a pun on the phrase "crock of shit" and its logo was a deceased Lacoste crocodile lying on its back.