Croce Domini Pass

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Croce Domini Pass
PassoCroceDomini 10 December 2006.jpg
View from Croce Domini Pass
Elevation1,892 m (6,207 ft)
Traversed bySP345
LocationLombardy, Italy
Coordinates45°54′27″N 10°24′34″E / 45.90750°N 10.40944°E / 45.90750; 10.40944Coordinates: 45°54′27″N 10°24′34″E / 45.90750°N 10.40944°E / 45.90750; 10.40944
Croce Domini Pass is located in Alps
Croce Domini Pass
Croce Domini Pass
Location of Croce Domini Pass.

The Croce Domini Pass (Italian: Passo di Crocedomini) (el. 1892 m.) is a high mountain pass in the Alps in the region of Lombardy in Italy.

It connects the Lago d'Idro in the southeast and the Lago d'Iseo in the southwest.

The pass road has a maximum grade of 12 percent and is paved from Breno to Bagolino. The pass is closed from November to May.

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