Crockett Street

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Crocket Street
Location 200 Block of Crockett St.
Beaumont, Texas
Coordinates 30°05′05″N 94°05′56″W / 30.0846°N 94.0988°W / 30.0846; -94.0988Coordinates: 30°05′05″N 94°05′56″W / 30.0846°N 94.0988°W / 30.0846; -94.0988
Built Ca. 1900
Part of Beaumont Commercial District

The Crockett Street Dining and Entertainment Complex is located in Downtown Beaumont, Texas. It consists of five restored buildings built at the turn of the 20th century. They were used for various businesses then, but now host restaurants and various entertainment venues. From Left to right, the historic names are: Wilson Building, Littleton Building, Millard Building, Dixie Hotel.[1]


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