Crocodile (West) and Marico Water Management Area

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Crocodile (West) and Marico WMA, or Crocodile (West) and Marico Water Management Area (coded: 3),[1] in South Africa is sub-divided into 6 sub-management areas each corresponding with a (part) river drainage area, and include the following major rivers: the Crocodile River and Marico River, sub divided into an upper Crocodile River sub-management ares and a lower Crocodile River sub-management area. The Marico River sub-management area, the upper Molopo River sub-management area, The Elands River sub-management area, and the Apies River / Pienaars River sub-management area.


Tertiary drainage regions A10, A21 to A24, A31, A32 and quaternary drainage region D41A.

Sub-management areas[edit]

The Apies River / Pienaars River, sub-management area comprises the Apies River catchment area, the Pienaars River catchment area, as well as the catchment areas of the Moretele River and Tlholwe River down to their confluence with the Crocodile River. The Apies River joins the Pienaars River to the north of Hammanskraal. The Pienaars River joins the Crocodile River just below the confluence of the Crocodile and Elands rivers.

The upper Crocodile River sub-management area corresponds to the catchment of the Crocodile River upstream of the confluence of the Elands River which includes the major tributaries of the Sterkstroom River, Magalies River, Bloubankspruit, Jukskei River and Hennops River.

The Elands River sub-management area consists of the Elands River catchment which includes the tributaries of the Koster River, Selons River and Hex River. The Elands River is a tributary of the Crocodile River and the confluence is situated below Roodekopjes Dam.

The lower Crocodile River sub-management area represents the remainder of the Crocodile River catchment, downstream of the confluence of the Elands River. The river flows in a north/north-westerly direction until the confluence with the Marico River. After the confluence the river is known as the Limpopo River. The Lower Crocodile River has two large tributaries, namely the Sand River and the Bierspruit which join the Crocodile River west of the town of Thabazimbi.

The Marico sub-management area corresponds to the catchment of the Marico River. Main tributaries of the Marico River include the Klein Marico River and Groot Marico River.

The Upper Molopo sub-management area comprises the upper part of the Molopo River catchment. The Molopo River rises from the Molopo Eye near Mafikeng and flows westwards to form the northern border of the North West Province with Botswana. The Molopo River is a tributary of the Orange River.

Dams covered[edit]

The Crocodile (West) and Marico WMA, covers the following Dams:

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