Crocodile River (Mpumalanga)

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Crocodile River
Crocodile River (Mpumalanga)-001.jpg
Crocodile River upstream from the Kwena Dam
Country South Africa
Region Mpumalanga Province
Source Steenkampsberg
 - location North of Dullstroom
Mouth Komati River
 - location Komatipoort
 - coordinates 25°26′18″S 31°58′35″E / 25.43833°S 31.97639°E / -25.43833; 31.97639Coordinates: 25°26′18″S 31°58′35″E / 25.43833°S 31.97639°E / -25.43833; 31.97639
Basin 10,446 km2 (4,033 sq mi)
Location of the Crocodile River's mouth

The Crocodile River, also referred to as Crocodile River (East), (Afrikaans: Krokodilrivier) is a large river traversing Mpumalanga Province of South Africa.


The Crocodile river is 1000km long and it spans over 4 provinces and through Botswana & Mozambique. It originates north of Dullstroom, Mpumalanga, in the Steenkampsberg Mountains. Downstream of Kwena Dam, the Crocodile River winds through the Schoemanskloof and down the Montrose Falls. It then flows eastwards past Nelspruit and joins the Komati River at Komatipoort.[1]

The Crocodile River in Mpumalanga has a catchment area of 10,446 km2. Upstream it is a popular trout fishing place.[2] It flows through the Nelspruit industrial area, the Lowveld agricultural area and borders the Kruger National Park. The decrease in flow of the river is probably due to water abstractions for irrigated fruit farming.

Tourism on the Crocodile[edit]

The river forms the full southern border of the Kruger Park. It creates the setting for game viewing in and on the banks of the river.

Facilities include:

  1. Leopard Creek golf course, designed by Gary Player
  2. Malelane Rest Camp in the Kruger Park[3]
  3. Marloth Park (Estate and wildlife conservancy)
  4. Ngwenya Lodge
  5. Crocodile Bridge Rest Camp in the Kruger Park[4]
  6. Crocodile Bridge Safari Lodge on the Kruger park


The Elands River and Nels River are the tributaries to the Crocodile. Elands River famous for its waterfalls, rises on the grassland plateau of the Drakenberg Mountains near the town of Machadodorp while the Nels river rises on the Drakensberg as well .[5]

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